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Lesson 118, April 28

(105) God’s peace and joy are mine.
(106) Let me be still and listen to the truth.

Quiet the loud voice of our own weak ego, who feels the need to shout out to everyone its unjustified lies ranting about how unworthy we all are, each in our own special unworthy way.

Instead, let us tune in to the still, quiet music within that sings everlasting love and truth.

We have been given everything.

At some point, however, we decided that everything was not enough.

So we packed up our bags and left home, to go it alone and seek what we didn’t realize we have always had.

We have learned that our substitute never worked, it always failed, always bringing us separation, differences, fear, conflict, insecurity, and attack.

We learned that we are not in charge of our lives, we are not in control.

Sometimes it can take most of our lives to come to this awareness of the truth.

Some never even get this far.

A Course in Miracles is the best roadmap that I have found for bringing us back home.


Home is not a physical place, but a space that lives within each of us where love, aliveness, light, laughter, safety, security, peace, and joy overflow.

Home is wherever we are.

Home is our awareness and acceptance of God’s peace and joy that have always been with us.

Peace and joy are enough.

To go home, we need only practice slowing down and being still.

We can be still when we get out of the waters of conflict and get back onto the bridge where we can step back to see the bigger picture.

When we are still we can get past the lies, and be at home in the space where peace and joy live.

Our willingness and trust is all that we need to take the step back and be still.

Now Relax and Rest, Go with God, to love, laughter, and light.

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