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Lesson 129, May 9

Beyond this world there is a world I want.

What value could a world hold where everything just changes and dies?

We now gladly exchange that worthless world without value for the endless peace and joy of God.

It is not that we hold anything against the world, but that we recognize there is something beyond that world that we do want. This is the world we choose to see instead.

In the worthless world there is nothing that can make us happy and there is nothing that can make us unhappy.

Happiness waits for us in our minds, the only place where it can be.

Let us make the decision now to be happy, and never look back.

We are at choice about what we want to experience for the world that we experience is one of our own creation.

Holy Spirit, help us now choose the happy world, for who would not make that choice if he knew all power is his to make that choice?

We have lived for too long making the choice for sadness and separation.

Now let us change our minds.

It takes but our decision for happiness to make this the world that we want because there is no world outside of our minds.

We need no longer remain trapped in a world we did not choose.

Let us look squarely in the eye of the world we no longer choose, with full awareness that once we did make a decision to live in that world.

But we will no longer give value to the world we leave behind, and in that instant it quietly disappears, because only what we value can bind us to it with chains.

Now, is the happy world we want that is beyond the world that we see.

Happiness is a choice we make in mind.

The world we see holds nothing that we want.

Beyond the world there is a world we want.

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