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Lesson 119, April 29

(107) Truth will correct all errors in my mind.
(108) To give and to receive are one in truth.

The errors in our minds are all of the mistaken beliefs we hold that maintain our connection to illusions, effects, and the lies of the ego.

The truth always is, and cannot change.

When we rest in the truth of God’s peace and love, we cannot be hurt in any way.

How can we make the shift from the ephemera of lies to the stability of truth?

By activating our function of forgiveness we can realize perfect innocence.

When we forgive the illusory sins that appear all around us we are able to recognize not just everyone else’s innocence but our own innocence as well.

Looking beyond the errors we think we see in others and in the effects of the world is what will allow us to become aware of the innocence in ourselves.

That is how we learn that giving and receiving are the same.

There is nothing outside of our minds.

All that we see in the world is a reflection of what we are thinking in our minds.

Our long hidden, buried thoughts are coming to the surface and being reflected to us as images appearing in the world.

Why would we bother to react to these images? Why do we take them seriously?

It’s funny! Laugh at them!

Our reaction to the thoughts as images is what makes the thoughts as images real.

It is when we stop reacting to the thoughts and images that they dissolve.

Stop making them real and they lose all the power we have falsely given to them.

Slow down and still our minds so that we can open to the truth.

Our mistaken beliefs are the errors in mind that are the cause of all of the feelings of separation and lack that we experience.

Stepping back to see the bigger picture enables us to recognize the truth that nothing exists outside of our minds.

Nothing is Real except God’s love and light.

Still our minds so that we can say, “No” to lack and separation, and acknowledge the love and innocence that is the truth.

Now Relax and Rest in God’s peaceful innocence, connection, and wholeness.

Now Relax and Rest, Go with God, to love, laughter, and light.

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