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Lesson 62, March 3

Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.

Our purpose as the light of the world is to forgive.

It is not our role to teach, tell, or show others what to do or to tell them to do it our way or the “right” way.

There is also no need to do anything, no place to go, and nothing to achieve.

Remember a few lessons back where we declared our innocence, wholeness, holiness, and worthiness?

Being fully present TM (in this moment) without needing anything or anyone to be different will allow us to stop denying the perfection of who we already are.

Our full presence to who we are TM will allow all that we want and need to be revealed to us.

We are only asked to be forgiving, of both our brothers and ourselves.

Forgiveness will return the light to our minds that have grown dark from believing in a false reality and false identity.

By participating directly in the act of forgiving we are demonstrating to everyone that we are the light of the world.

We are being forgiving when we overlook illusions and the false reality that is being projected from our minds.

Any time we catch ourselves having thoughts that separate us from anyone or from anything is when we need to remember that forgiveness is our function.

A Course in Miracles says that all forgiveness is a gift to ourselves because it states that illusions about ourselves and the world are one and the same.

We have forgotten our true identity of being one with God.

We have rejected and abandoned God.

We have chosen to deny our true identity and to replace that with our own vision of our worthlessness.

This lesson reminds us that every thought of attack we have calls forth our weakness.

Have we not experienced enough of that?

I, for one, am sick and tired of feeling powerless and worthless.

This lesson tells how to release ourselves from that downward spiraling cycle of gloom.

Every thought of attack and separation must be replaced by a thought of forgiveness, which will call forth the strength of our Christ self.

This lesson shows us how forgiveness will remove from us all powerlessness, fear, guilt, pain, weakness, strain, and fatigue.

Forgiveness will restore to us the power we inherited from our Father, the power that is always within us and waits for us to call it forth.

To be forgiving makes us feel good, makes us feel happy.

We gladly fulfill our function to be forgiving so that every day we may have a happy day.

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