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Lesson 199, July 18

I am not a body. I am free.

We are mind, we are the energetic vibration of our thoughts and feelings.

When we feel tired, sick, old, fat, or whatever, then we have become identified with our bodies.

Refuse to identify with the body because the body is a limitation.

It doesn’t matter how many years or decades we have identified with our bodies, this can change, simply by our declaration in the present moment, that the body is not who we are.

Hold on to the body and it will deteriorate.

The best care for ourselves is to focus off of getting housing, food, and maintenance for the body.
Let go of the body and it will perfect itself.

We need only ask the Holy Spirit to direct us moment to moment, to be used for His purposes.

Turn our minds over to God and the Holy Spirit who will direct our paths and meet all of our needs.

The body is a tool to be used by the Holy Spirit to communicate the message of His freedom.

The body that we have body is but a vehicle to be used for extending forgiveness and love, unconditionally, to everyone.

Our mind’s home is the Holy Spirit and not the body.

Allow our minds to now detach from our bodies, and instead, to join with the Holy Spirit in the One Mind of God.

We now allow our minds to listen to and follow the voice of God and to say, “No!” to the voice of personality, ego, and the body.

Holy Spirit, show me the path to the Kingdom, for I trust and know that all else will always be provided.

Holy Spirit, let me now share with You my secrets and decisions, as well aa the thoughts that arise and need healing in my mind.

Holy Spirit, provide me with the words that I need to share God’s messages of forgiveness and freedom with the brothers that you have sent to me to hear His message.

Holy Spirit, I seek only Your plan and purpose for me.

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