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Lesson 113, April 23

(95) I am one Self, united with my Creator.
(96) Salvation comes from my one Self.

I need do nothing but remember my identity in God as wholeness, and let all images go of smallness and separation.

Images of the unreal separation are born from mistaken, conflicted thoughts, then fill our world to make worldly appearances seem real.

Illusions have no value, however, for only the peaceful Oneness we share with our Creator and all minds has value.

Illusions are not real, but merely exist because of our habit of believing they are real, and therefore assigning them value when in truth they have none.

Hidden within the conflict is the Oneness of salvation. It is the constantly changing images of conflict that grab the focus of our attention, thus burying the truth of salvation and Oneness deeper within those fleeting images of conflict.

Removing our attention from images of the separated self releases us from identifying with what is without value.

Focusing on these lessons every half hour as suggested breaks our habit with identifying with the lie, and returns us to our awareness of the one Self that we are, united with our Creator, in Love.

Sustaining our attention on this One Self is our salvation.

When our communication channels are clear of all conflict and attack thoughts, the peace that has always been will be revealed.

Emptied of conflict within, this lack of conflict will be mirrored in the outside world.

Peace is already ours to find once we recognize and accept the Oneness of the One Self that we already are, shared with our Creator and with all of creation.

Accepting this wholeness within, we naturally extend our experience of unified Oneness within out into the world around us, where we then see only the Oneness that we first experienced within.

One Self, Oneness is the end of all conflict, and the birth of all salvation.

We are One Self, united with our Creator.

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