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Lesson 91, April 1

Miracles are seen in light.

Miracles cannot be seen in the darkness, however, our faith is in the darkness.

Miracles are always in our minds, always available to us, but we fail to perceive them because our faith is in the darkness that our body’s eyes perceive as well as in being a body.

In this moment, we more likely than not experience our faith in our weakness, our darkness, our limits, our helplessness, our doubts, and our illusions.

This lesson reassures us that we have tremendous support in in helping us to reverse the mistaken beliefs that we falsely place our faith in.

Our body’s eyes can never show us miracles, but only darkness.

We believe the mistaken beliefs that we are a body, and that what we see with the body’s eyes is real.

These are only mistaken beliefs that can be corrected.

Mistaken beliefs are seen with our split minds, with our divided, judgmental will.

Mistaken beliefs show us the illusions that we are choosing to see, because, remember, we are but doing this to ourselves.

True Vision is seen with the One mind and with our hearts, and not with our body’s eyes.

This lesson is letting us know that we have the ability to achieve a new awareness of vision which is a feeling, an experience, a knowingness that is beyond the body.

Vision is what miracles are.

Miracles are always in our minds.

Miracles are a shift, a change in perception.

Miracles are seen in the Light of Love.

We will instruct our minds today to learn that we are not a body but that we can experience our strength, our power, our unlimitedness, our certainty, our reality, and our light.

We can achieve the goal of this lesson by using our ability to communicate with our minds. We understand this idea already whenever we set an intention to do something.

Today, we will ask the question, “If I am not a body, what am I?”

The question will be answered by the part of our minds that knows the answer to every question.

We are the light of the world but we will only experience our light when we stand in the light and not in the darkness.

Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.” They reflect a shift in how we think, releasing the power of the mind to the processes of healing and correction. What changes, primarily, is how we hold an experience in our minds — how we experience the experience. ~ACIM/Marianne Williamson

We can also ask to experience feelings of tremendous love and then extend this love we receive to others.

Miracles are seen in the Light of Love.

Miracles are seen in the Light.

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