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Lesson 65, March 6

My only function is the one God gave me.

Salvation as my only function means that we need to give up all of our other goals and roles because they are meaningless thoughts created by our untrained mind that blocks the flow of love from moving unobstructed through us.

We don’t need the goals our ego makes up because nothing is lacking in our lives.

There are of course earthly human things that we want and need to do, but the key to doing all of them is in first knowing why we are doing it. Anything and everything that we do is only useful to us when we are mindful of our true function.

Our function as an extension of God is to be helpful so in all situations that we find ourselves in it makes sense to as the Holy Spirit to lead us to being helpful in that situation.

Our only function is the one God gave us.

We don’t need to save ourselves!

Remember that the ego can only see a small, limited piece of the whole picture of our lives, and of everything.

Hand each of the unreal blocks of our meaningless thoughts over to our trusted, friend and advisor, the Holy Spirit, to be undone, so that we can be free of these burdens.

Forgive all of our thoughts and feelings.

Follow these lessons exactly because they are the lessons in mindfulness that our untrained mind and unsteady, unstable, wavering attention needs so that it can be healed of its mindlessness.

We want only to Now Rest in the nurturing stillness of God’s love that we are.

This is the perfect peace that we first experience within and then bring to the world, seeing all appearances through the light and love that we are, and no longer believing in the stories that our minds chatter on about. The chattering doesn’t necessarily stop, but it we who stop listening to it.

Our acceptance of our only God-given function offers us complete freedom from all of our perceived difficulties and conflicts.

It is the answer to all of our seeking.

We can easily offer forgiveness to any brother who is acting out of fear because s/he is calling for love.

The truth about fear is that it is only a call for love.

What is not love is a call for love.

Recognize that the world is insane.

Be the light of the world and extend that love to the insane images you see.

People only want love and appreciation.

Be grateful that as the light of the world, you can give them that love and appreciation.

It costs nothing and is everything.

God is love, thus God is happiness.

Happiness is here, present in every moment.

Happiness is within you right now, if you but choose to feel it.

Give all of our limited ideas to the Holy Spirit and we will know that this is true. Let the Holy Spirit guide our every moment and we can go free to receiving God’s peace, love, and joy, and therefore, being happy and free.

Happiness is our only function.

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