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Lesson 81, March 22

Review II

Hold a strong listening intention of confidence (“the message is mine”), desire (“I receive your message today) and determination (“I hear Your message”).

For mind wandering, realize distracting thoughts have no power or meaning and your will has all the power. Replace the thoughts with your intention to succeed.

Be determined to fulfill our function each day.

(62) Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.

(61) I am the light of the world.

(61) I am the light of the world.

Accept who we are as an extension of God’s light and love.

Light is the means, forgiveness is the way.

Lighting up the world is our function.

Light is who we are, whole, holy, and already complete.

We are each created from the same light of God and each of us is designed to be an extension of God, of love, and of light.

The conflicts in the world involving personalities, stories, self-images, bodies, and behaviors are all designed by the ego to occupy our minds and therefore, to replace God.

Our minds are split between God and ego.

All conflict is in our minds.

It is in our minds that we can choose to release all conflict.

We can choose to bring peace to the world by responding to darkness by shining our light on the world’s shadows.

We can choose to see past all conflict, asking for the light in every situation to be revealed.

All conflicts and shadows dissolve in this peaceful light.

Let the light of God shine forth from us through our thoughts, words, images, and actions.

May we leave everyone we meet today feeling more loved and happier.

(62) Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world.

Forgiveness is our purpose.

Light is the means, forgiveness is the way.

Our purpose is not what we do in the world.

Our function is to recognize our Oneness in the light.

Every situation that seems to bring us distress is in truth an opportunity to practice forgiveness, to practice our purpose.

It is our purpose to use every circumstances of each day to forgive the personalities, stories, images, bodies, and behaviors that arise.

All grievances are a lack of forgiveness against God because they are a refusal to accept what God has created.

To not accept God’s creations is to separate from and reject God, light, and love.

Wherever we stuck in the shadows of the world is an opportunity to forgive someone because it is only by forgiving someone that our own light can be revealed.

Be willing to know God’s love and light in every moment.

Be willing to know our Self.

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