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Lesson 85, March 26

(69) My grievances hide the light of the world in me.

(70) My salvation comes from me.

(69) My grievances hide the light of the world in me.

Grievances have the power to block from our awareness the experience of Source’s love and light, as well as our desires.

Grievances are the situations, people, places, and things we react to without love, with dislike, resistance, reactivity, grief, stress, blame, as less than, feelings of fear, anger, sadness, frustration, or hatred.

Grievances cause us to see what isn’t real because it is not the reality that God created.

Releasing our grievances, allows us to see again.

What we focus on is what we experience.

Do we want to focus on grievances or on the light and love of God that is the true reality hidden beneath the grievances?

(70) My salvation comes from me.

Grievances tempt us to look outside of ourselves for salvation. We have been conditioned to seek our salvation in things outside of ourselves, but what we are looking for is found only within our Selves.

One of the most difficult habits to break is allowing our peace of mind or happiness to be determined by what is or is not going on in the outside world.

We think we know what needs to change in the world so that we can experience peace. But looking at all the people, places, and things in the outside world that we blame for our loss of peace or for our feelings of anger, frustration, and betrayal can never bring us peace, but mires us deeper into the illusion.

Focusing our attention in the world results in us giving our energy and power away. Love and light become invisible to us because we are focused on darkness and fear in the outside world of illusory effects.

Within our minds is the only true reality, the Source of love, an infinite fountain of peace, safety, security, and innocence that lights up our world from within our minds and reflects this light out in the world.

As we learn to see this light of love first from within ourselves, then in others, it continues to extend outward. Ultimately, everything we see reflects this light of love first experienced within our minds.

Let us not seek the light but instead be the light that we are created to be. Allow ourselves to be and extend this love light by shining on all without conditions.

All I see is me.

From this space we can walk in peace as God takes our hands and leads us to be helpful in all situations.

Recognize that all answers already exist within ourselves. There is nothing we need that is ever dependent on anyone or anything outside of ourselves.

Whenever we have trouble seeing light instead of grievances it is only because of the grievances we are carrying.

Whatever we are seeing, whether it be separation, loss, lack, or limitation, it is because we hold on to beliefs in these as a reality, and not because they are the truth.

It is these false beliefs that drive our grievances.

Ask the Holy Spirit to correct these thoughts and to heal our belief that we can ever suffer.

Allow all feelings to flow through us, without becoming stuck or obstructed by any thoughts about them.

It’s only temporary energy moving through us. Let it pass gracefully through us.

The truth is that we are but doing this to ourselves.

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