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Lesson 196, July 15

It can be but myself that I crucify.

This lesson can be the most difficult lesson of all to learn and accept.

In healing our brothers we heal ourselves; in attacking our brothers we attack ourselves.

In A Course in Miracles, we are teaching our minds the truth that is we are not a separated ego, living in chains.

And putting ourselves in a prison is what we do whenever we attack another.

Perhaps we feel emotional freedom for that single instant of emotional regurgitation upon acting reactively, but the truth is that we are nailing our own selves to the cross, stabbing our own selves in the heart with a stake.

In a previous lesson we learned that I am but doing this to myself.

This lesson is again letting us know that since we are responsible for creating our lives, we can also stop putting the blame on God, who is our friend, and has never punished us.

God is good, and is not responsible for the wars, earthquakes, divorces, etc.

The outer pain and violence we witness is always a projection of our own guilt.

The way to forgiveness and healing begins with taking responsibility for outer circumstances as but images of our inner projections.

Every person, situation, and condition in our lives is but a symbol of what is occurring within us, in our own thoughts and feelings.

There is only one cause for anything.

The power is in us to create all of our sadness, pain, distress, and loneliness.

Self-responsibility is the path to freedom and is never about self-punishment.

Recognizing our power to create gives us the opportunity to create something else.

To understand this lesson we need to understand what the Self is, that it includes the ego, the body, and all of our brothers and sisters.

What we experience in the world is a byproduct of our thoughts.

If we experience a loving world it is because we have been listening to the voice of love and our loving thoughts, or, our hearts.

However, if we experience a world of pain, then we have been listening to the ego’s voice and our mistaken beliefs and small-minded thoughts.

Healing our own thinking and thoughts about anything is the work that needs to be done. It is never about changing anyone’s behavior.

Others’ behaviors belong to them.

Our thoughts and feelings about their behaviors belong to us and is where our pain stems from, and is the only thing that needs to change and be healed.

Only our thoughts and feelings cause us pain. Others can never hurt us!!!

We can only hurt our own selves; there is no one outside of ourselves doing anything to us.

Don’t ever think that attacking another works!!!

Accept total responsibility for our own thoughts and feelings because there is only mind.

When we accept full responsibility for our pain and projections only then can they be healed.

Holy Spirit, help me release my stories, projections, weakness, and alignment with my ego.

Help me to stop victimizing myself.

Help me to stop blaming the world because the world exists only through my thoughts and feelings.

Help me to discern the voice of God in my mind from the voice of the ego in my mind.

Help me to know the ego’s thoughts that are blocking the flow of love, so I can give these blocks to you to transform.

Help me to have the willingness to stop attacking my brothers and sisters.

Help me stop victimizing and crucifying myself by recognizing and releasing the thoughts that are creating my pain.

Help me to live the truth that Nothing is Real but God’s love.

Now I Relax in God.

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