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Lesson 45, February 14

God is the mind with which I think.

Today’s lesson is an attempt recognize our real thoughts.

Our intention is to deny the world in favor of the truth, to leave the unreal in favor of what is real.

We want to find our real thoughts, which are God’s thoughts, and which lie beneath all the senseless thoughts that currently clutter our holy minds.

We want to stop giving these small thoughts our allegiance, our time, and attention.

These small thoughts have ruled our experience by virtue of the energy which we keep feeding to them.

These worn out thoughts of being a powerless, helpless, hopeless victim keep us in the darkness.

A Course in Miracles is a way of dissolving this darkness by purification which must first reveal to us the hidden unconscious beliefs that are running our lives.

As we become aware of these beliefs as part of the clutter in our minds, we can then accept them and go to the Holy Spirit in our minds and ask Him to reinterpret and correct these beliefs.

Making this our moment to moment practice clears the clutter away so the thoughts that are of God can be revealed to us.

This lesson helps us to recognize our thoughts as being a part of the One Mind of God.

“Stand aside from all thoughts that are unworthy of Him whose Host you are. And thank Him for the Thoughts He is thinking with you.”

Knowledge of God’s thoughts shows us what to do that is only what God would have us do. This lesson assures us that we cannot fail in this.

We can know that we have already succeeded in this endeavor because what we see in our mind is what we see in the world.

Thoughts do not leave their source.

We are either perceiving separation as us versus what’s out there in the world.

Or we seeing within the vantage point of our Self, within our own skin.

The more we look at form, the more lost we become for we are connecting to what is not real and disconnecting from what is real.

Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to the place in your mind where truth resides, so that you can be at home.

Observe that all ideas of smallness and worthlessness arise from looking at the world and comparing what you see to your life.

Ask the Holy Spirit, to help you see things differently, to see the world through the eyes of God, and to think God’s thoughts in His Mind.

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