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Lesson 50, February 19

I am sustained by the Love of God.

Just feel the incredible sense of peace as these words are said, either silently or out loud.

I am sustained by the Love of God.

This lesson tells us that the love of God is the answer to every problem that we have.

We think we need more money, a better job, knowing the right people, a new car, more security, a safer neighborhood, to be liked, to be popular, medicine, a special diet, surgery, more sex, more friends, a doctor, a lawyer, or fill in the blank with anything that you think you need.

The list of things we are seeking outside of ourselves is endless.

But the last place that we usually look for what we have always had is within us, where it has always been and where it can never leave us.

We can never be separated from God and therefore we can never be alone or without God, or the Love that God is and has for us.

Keep this idea in your heart and mind constantly, but especially whenever you think that there is something that you need but are not getting.

You are sustained by the Love of God.

“Through the Love of God within you, you can resolve all seemingly difficulties without effort and in sure confidence. Tell yourself this often today.”

This lesson is teaching us to release our faith and trust in idols and instead place our faith and trust in in God.

When our attention is on lack and limitation, then we are obviously not focused on God and Love.

All lack and limitation exist in the world as an opportunity to remind ourselves that it is only an illusion that exists because we hold a belief in that lack or limitation.

It is an opportunity to remember the truth about who we are, the truth that we are sustained by the Love of God.

The truth is that God’s voice goes with us wherever we are. God as Love is our constant companion in every moment.

We need but reconnect with this realization as frequently throughout the day as we can, always relying on God, our constant companion, and, as often as possible to express gratitude for His Presence within us and all around us in every moment.

Our infinite power, safety, security, trust, and confidence exists in our ability to remember as often as we can that we are sustained by the Love of God.

We can only have whatever we acknowledge and accept is already ours.

If we see lack and limitation, then lack and limitation is what we are acknowledging and accepting.

Deny their existence.

Say out loud that it cannot be true.

Nothing is Real but God’s Love and Light.

Abundance and plenty exist as you acknowledge and accept their existence.

That is our responsibility to do.

Nothing outside of us can ever complete us, nor does anything outside of us ever have the power to make us happy.

If we believe there is something outside of us that we need to fulfill ourselves, then we are giving that thing our power, we are making it an idol, a false god.

Idols come between us and God.

We cannot believe in both idols and God.

This is an all or nothing offer.

Our sole attention must be on God and on His pure Love that sustains us in every single moment.

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