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Lesson 152, June 1

The power of decision is my own.

In this pivotal lesson, we recognize that we are totally responsible for every aspect of our lives.

All that happens to us, from loss to grief to death, happens by our choice, as the reflection of our desires, even if that does not appear to be so.

Why, then, would anyone make the decision to desire to suffer or be in pain?

No one does, of course, but the problem is that we forget that we are the ones who decided against joining and Heaven, and against the perfect Self that God already created.

But the reasons “why” don’t even matter because we don’t ever have to figure out why!

We only need to ask the Holy Spirit to show us when we are choosing our own truth instead of God’s Truth.

There is no one to blame for any part of our creation. We can never be a powerless victim of the stars, of our parents, or of our genes.

As long as we hold on to beliefs in and desires for suffering, struggling, pain, loss, lack, limitation, and death, then that is what we will continue to experience in our world.

None of these effects of the belief in separation can exist in God’s world of truth, love, and unity.

When we believe only in what is true, then what is untrue must dissolve.

As this lesson states, we have erroneously chosen to believe that “the truth is not true.”

This lesson can be somewhat disconcerting on the one hand, but on the other hand, having all power to create also gives us the power to create anew. Whatever we create is an illusion, anyway, because our world is always just the out picturing of our thoughts.

Accept what we have made as an acknowledgment of God’s creation.

In any aspect of our lives where we feel like a victim, we can recognize the idea began as a thought in alignment with the ego’s choice for separation. Then turn the thought over to the Holy Spirit for correction.

Make the decision to accept Atonement, and be a powerful creator like God, then all separation must vanish for there is no mind to agree with its existence.

Make the decision to accept our powerful Selves as God created us and become free of the trap of living in denial of who we are.

The power to decide is our own.

The only decision we ever need to make is to be directed by God, and follow as we are led.

Only we can decide to accept our True Self as God created us, or, the individual image of what we think we are.

Only we can decide if we will focus on problems or focus on God.

Let us decide not to change what God has already made perfectly.

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