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Lesson 171, June 20

God is but love and therefore so am I.
(151) All things are echoes of the Voice for God.
God is but love and therefore so am I.
(152) The power of decision is my own.
God is but love and therefore so am I

The decision is now ours to be and echo, or, reflect the love that we are, or, to be something other than what we are, something that we have created and not what God created us to be.

Love is whole and complete, therefore we are whole and complete.

Are we not beginning to understand now why things aren’t working?

Unfortunately, we have been looking at a world that shows us anything but reflections of the love that we are.

We are all too often seeing images of loss, separation, lack, and limitation.

We see this because we are going up in our heads trying to make sense of what we are seeing, we are judging what our body’s eyes are showing us.

We are judging and trying to make sense because we are listening to the voice of the ego.

We are enlisting the ego’s services whenever we ask why or what anything is for.

In yesterday’s lesson, we concluded that we have become hypnotized by the belief in our own inferiority.

The ego has been reflecting inferiority back to us because that is what we are giving our faith and allegiance to.

Every moment that we react to the “evidence” of our inferiority that we notice in the world, it is the ego who is doing the noticing, and therefore we have been joining with our ego in noticing this together.

Joining with the ego, serves only to solidify and cement the problem at its source —– in our minds.

There is nothing outside of our minds.

Get out of our minds and into our experience.

It is the experience of wholeness that is the goal of A Course in Miracles and the practices in each lesson.

Coming from a perspective of wholeness we no longer need to know what anything is for because we are learning that love is all that exists.

Learn to acknowledge that we don’t know what anything is for.

Nothing is Real but God’s Love and Light.

There is only love, and if we are seeing anything else, that is our call to the Holy Spirit to correct the belief in our minds that could bring us those false images of separation, loss, lack, or limitation.

The darkness that we may be seeing has its cause in the erroneous judgments, dreams, and mistaken beliefs of the ego.

Stop joining with the ego, which we do every time we listen to and pay attention to the ego’s voice and its worldly creations of illusion.

It is time to take a step back from all of the ego’s words and images, in favor of the broader perspective of an experience of inclusive love.

Yes, listening to the ego’s voice and reacting to the ego’s images in the world are hard habits to break!

Perhaps that is why in this review lesson, we are asked to give even more time, practice, and commitment to our lessons.

Holy Spirit, whenever I am seeing anything but love, help me to recognize that I don’t know what anything is for.

Then, correct my mind to help me to see it differently, through Christ’s loving Vision.

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