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Lesson 36, February 5

My holiness envelopes everything I see.

God is in everything I see, because God is in my mind.

We are each a part of God, and therefore we share His qualities of sinlessness.

What us false and not of God is anger, distress, duality, limitation.

If we are seeing what is false, we have already been told that there is another way of seeing. There are only two ways of seeing, through the body, the ego or, through the Christ, the heart.

We are learning to see with our hearts and with the one mind of God rather than with our body’s physical eyes because whatever is happening or any kind of change can only happen in the mind.

There is nothing out there except effects.

This lesson tells us that because our minds are a part of God’s, then our sight must also be holy, or, sinless. Our sight is not related to our ego, which is our body, an effect of the ego.

Whatever is happening is happening in our minds because nothing exists outside of our minds.

The images that we see are only our thoughts and feelings being observed.

It is that simple.

If we are seeing disturbing images, God is in everything I see. Whatever it is, it simply just is. No judgment ever necessary. You can always choose to be entertained by it rather than disturbed. Or you can extend your love to the image, seeing it instead as a call for love. Ask to be shown the truth.

With consistent practice we can change our minds and return to the love that we have always been.

Seeing through our holiness is seeing clearly that all is love. This is how Lester Levinson healed his terminal illness and financial problems, creating the Sedona method, and living well into his eighties.

What is false and not of love falls away naturally because it was nothing to begin with. As the nothingness dissolves, the love that remains is revealed.

We are already whole and free unto ourselves. Nothing out there can be holy without us. There is no other.

I cannot be holy without you.

If I think I am holy and you are not, that is the judgment that splits minds and causes effects of disempowerment.

Every one and every thing is equally as holy as we each are, for we are all one and the same energy of love, of spirit.

Other is an illusion created by the idea or judgment that separation could exist.

Separation is an illusion.

If separation is what we are seeing than we are looking with the ego.

As ego thoughts and feelings are released our vision will be restored and we will again be seeing with our hearts, with God’s mind.

We will clearly see the holiness that all is love.

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