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Lesson 220, August 8

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.
(200) There is no peace except the peace of God.

“This is not what I want. I want the peace of God.”

If we are not experiencing the peace of God, then we must be following our own will rather than God’s Will.

Our own solutions for experiencing peace have not work, and never will work.

The problem is in our minds, however, we keep looking out in the world for the problem.

A problem is a symbol of conflict, which is the antithesis of peace.

When we are in conflict, we are making a space for the lie of separation to exist, and trying to make that mistaken belief real.

When we feel unwanted and unworthy, we project these feelings onto other people, then perceive these people as having something wrong with them, and then we decide that these people need to change or fix their behavior.

The truth is that we are projecting onto our brothers the feelings that we refuse to own or feel or accept responsibility for.

“This is not what I want. I want the peace of God.”

Instead of attacking our brothers, let us choose to recognize that we are making our ego real with our need for love, or, making our perceived lack of love real. Own our projections by staying in the witness role or watching our thoughts and feelings without judging or interacting with them.

Remembering our function of forgiveness, rather than defending or attacking a brother who is projecting his perceived lack of love onto us will allow healing to occur.

This will bring the peace of God to our minds.

Only when we quiet our minds of the ego’s noise can we remember who we are.

When our attention is focused on conflict, separation, and limitation, we close off our awareness to accepting the truth of ourselves as peace, love, and wholeness.

Whenever we feel as if we are not okay or like we need something that appears to be missing, we have joined with the deceptive thinking of our ego.

Nothing in the world of form can ever give us love, happiness, or peace.

When we are not experiencing love, happiness, or peace, it is only because we have accepted a lie, a mistaken belief.

“This is not what I want. I want the peace of God.”

Love, happiness, and peace wait for us to awaken to their ever-present reality.

If we are waiting for love, happiness, and peace to come to us, then we are still holding on to mistaken beliefs.

Rather than accepting the existence of lack of peace, change our minds to accept the presence of love, happiness, and peace here and now.

Have as our only goal a sincere longing in our hearts only for the love, happiness, and peace that is God.

Keep our target of God at the forefront of our open minds and hearts at all times.

The way to peace is to make no decisions by ourselves, but to follow the Holy Spirit.

“This is not what I want. I want the peace of God.”

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