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Lesson 49, February 18

God’s voice speaks to me all through the day.

We have two voices in our minds that we make the choice to listen to in every moment of the day.

One voice is calm, certain, and constantly listening to God’s voice if love. The other voice is constantly distracted, distressed, noisy, full of fear and in doubt.

We are always identifying who we are with one voice or the other, but never with both at the same time.

Today’s lesson asks us to become conscious of listening to only one of these voices. A Course in Miracles is asking us to listen to the voice that rests in peace and stillness. This voice is our eternal connection with God.

We want to stop listening to the voice of the ego, which is probably the voice that most of the world, maybe 95%, is identified with at the present time.

The ego’s voice is one which would have us accept our victimhood and unworthiness, while God’s voice tells us that we are loved and valued unconditionally and beyond all measure.

This identification changes as we follow the instructions for practicing each lesson in A Course in Miracles.

The best approach to take in order to stop identifying with the ego’s voice is simply to become a witness to its constant parade of illusory thoughts and conflicting drama without believing in or interacting with any of it. Eventually the parade will grow smaller, and our minds will become quieter, more open, peaceful, and relaxed. In this quiet space, we become more naturally receptive to hearing God’s voice.

As our tight mental grip of associating with the voice of illusion is released, the voice of God is naturally invited into our minds.

The voice of God only speaks of love and safety. This is not the voice that we are used to listening to in the world.

The voice of the ego is best illustrated as the fearful voice of the media that speaks of constant doom and gloom. Almost anytime we look at the news, we are fed a continuous diet of economic disaster, war, disease, divorce, and violence.

We can make the choice to stop being hypnotized by this voice of fear.

Become aware of which voice you have been listening to, one that is calming or one that is distressing. In spite of the doom and gloom that the worldly voices want us to believe in, recognize that the truth is that you always have a choice as to which voice you want to identify with.

God’s voice is quiet, reassuring, and will relax you, bring ease to your life. God’s voice is a whisper, however, and we will often not be able to hear it until we assert our choice to stop listening to the much louder, demanding voice of the ego.

When our lives are not working or if we have a seemingly unsolvable problem, it is the voice of the ego that is telling us to change it or fix it or do something about it.

It is the voice of God, however, that tell us to stand still, be quiet, and do nothing, regardless of however chaotic or fearful appearances may seem.

There is nothing to fear.

We are learning to trust that we are never separate from God and that His voice always goes with us to comfort and assist us in all circumstances if we have the willingness to listen to Him.

What this lesson is asking us to do is not always easy, especially because it seems to contradict the ways of the world that we are used to, and that the 95% of the world appears to follow.

But as with each of the 365 lessons in A Course in Miracles, the truth can only be experienced by practicing what each lesson is asking us to do.

In essence, each practice is training our minds by constant repetition of the spiritual ideas that are in opposition to the worldly ideas which we have grown comfortable believing.

Our familiarity with false ideas does not make them are valid or true.

We need but stop accepting the familiar voice of the ego by just saying, “No” to it. Learn to ignore it, even to laugh at its antics in trying to get you to believe the nonsense it is telling you.

After we say “No” to the false ideas we are thinking about, then we can move our attention into our heart, where we can say, “Yes” to the voice of love that rests there, that has been waiting for our acceptance of it.

The more we practice, of course, the easier it is to become increasingly intimate with this natural process.

We can never hear both voices simultaneously.

Both voices are always available to us at all times.

Say no to the voice of conflict and separation by maintaining a strong desire, intention, and willingness to hear only the voice of God.

We are going to find the quietness of choosing the voice of love and unity to be a bit unsettling, especially in light of wanting to fret and focus on what we perceive as problems.

Just stop, just say, “No.”

Learning new habits is always disquieting because it is taking us out of our comfort zone.

Get help, find support, pray, meditate, call a friend, take a walk, write in a journal, contact me, find some way to resource yourself until the new habit begins to feel less and less strange to you.

It will.

And we will be certain and confident that God’s voice speaks to us all through the day.

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