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Lesson 66, March 7

My happiness and my function are one.

Our function is to bring the love and light that we are to the world. Bringing love and light to the world brings us peace, joy, and happiness.

This is a plan!

Happiness is here for us now. Where else would it be?

Anything and everything that is and that we want exists now.

Knowing this, every moment we can Now Relax, Resting in Gratitude, in God’s Light and Love.

God is Love-Light.

God is without form, changeless, eternal, infinite, and unlimited by time or space.

We are extensions of God, having these same qualities.

This moment contains everything and we each always have all that we need.

It’s all here now for us.

All we need do is follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance from one moment to the next moment.

We are love bearers and light bearers bringing happiness to the world.

We extend the love and light that we are through our thoughts and words.

Who we are, love, light, is what we do.

Our function is to remember our identity.

The purpose of today’s lesson is for us to accept that our function and our happiness are the same, that our function is happiness.

We always have two choices, to believe the insanity of the world and my fears, or, to listen to the Holy Spirit’s voice.

There is nothing out there.

What we see as appearances, as the world is in truth nothingness.

Ego attacks but the Holy Spirit doesn’t respond.

All conflict is meaningless.

Ego doesn’t know what either our function nor our happiness is, but Spirit knows both, that they are two forms of the same thing.

Our happiness and our function are the same, to bring the love and light that we are to the world, for that alone brings us peace, joy, and happiness.

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