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Lesson 146, May 26

My mind holds only what I think with God.
(131) No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth.
(132) I loose the world from all I thought it was.

The world has nothing to offer us. It is a lonely, fearful, isolated place without any substance or value. It comes and goes.

What in the world is there to want that could offer us more than the heavenly world of God’s love?

We may find it difficult to loose the world in the places in our minds where we feel burdened, places in our minds and hearts that have hardened with failure and fear.

But no one can fail who seeks to reach the truth because it is not possible for us to lose or forget the truth.

So, if the truth of love is always here, then somewhere within us is a resistance to that love.

We have created a world that denies the existence of love and God.

We may be holding on to stories, to the past, or to anything other than love which interferes with having a quiet mind or an open heart.

We need a new perception of those hurts and stories so that we can loose them.

We hold on to the belief that the world holds something that we want, because without this belief of giving value to what is without value, we would not be stuck in wanting something from the world.

We are the ones who have given meaning, and therefore, value, to everything in the world.

We are the ones who need to stop giving value to anything in the world.

The truth is that we don’t know what anything is for.

Things happen. Horrific things.

Things that we want to assign meaning and value to, and then remain forever attached to those labels.

Yet, we are mistaken in assigning a label to anything because we don’t and cannot know what anything is for.

Only when we consistently recognize that we don’t know what anything is for do we finally have a tool that can act like a bottle opener to help us pry loose the world from our judgments and expectations.

Our natural state of being is joy. We honor our Father when we can sustain our natural state of joy, rather than a false sense of joy when we find ourselves to be pretending to be happy when we are really only suppressing our unhappiness because we don’t know what anything is for.

The places within where we do feel unhappy about something, are the places where we have not loosened the world from images and ideas of how it is supposed to be or should be or, even, how we would prefer it to be.

The unhappiness that we feel can only be inside of us, it cannot be in an event or in an old memory.

Understand that being able to pin down the source of our less than joyful feelings to one single location is helpful. It means that we no longer need to blame anyone for anything.

No one can make us unhappy, not anything our mothers did or didn’t do, not anything the government is doing or not doing.

We need look no further than ourselves whenever we are having any experience that is anything less than the pure delight of joyfulness.

What we need to observe in those instances is the thoughts and images that are living in our minds.

Through A Course in Miracles we are learning to detach from the world as well as from our mistaken beliefs about how anyone or anything should be.

If we are honest with ourselves we will find that we hold on to many thoughts about ourselves and our lives. We want more money, different friends, a newer car, a thinner body, and on and on the chatter goes. Endlessly.

When have we been happy just to be where we are now, with everything being exactly the way it is?

Where we still hold on to images and expectations of how anything in our lives should be different from how it is in this moment is where we have not yet loosened the world.

We can, in every moment, ask the Holy Spirit to show us the true meaning of anything, rather than veiling it over with our limited version of the truth.

Become willing to loose the world from all we thought it was and ask for the truth to be revealed to us instead.

Learn to use our lives as a way to reveal the love that we are rather than to bury the love that we are.

Loosen the attachments we assign to any person, place, or thing.

Lighten up our view of the world.

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