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Lesson 153, June 2

In my defenselessness my safety lies.

The nature of the world, however, is to attack.

Whenever we attack we affirm weakness and separation, and thus become trapped in dreams in the world.

When we are defensive we are in denial of the Christ Self within us.

Christ within assures us that we are eternally safe.

With an awareness of our Christ Self, how could we ever place any faith in believing anything in the world is real?

Problems are never real and therefore they can never be solved.

Behavior is not real and therefore it can never be fixed or changed.

People cannot be doing anything to us and therefore we can always choose to see the perfect face of Christ in all of our brothers.

God cannot punish or abandon us because it is impossible to be separate from our Father, therefore we have no need to believe in separation, isolation, or weakness.

The problems and disasters we witness in the world are still but an effect, a projection of the fear and guilt we carry within ourselves.

Make the choice to rise above problems, behaviors, opinions, and adversities rather than becoming trapped inside their never ending dance of attack and defend.

Lay aside all of our beliefs in the world. The greater our belief in dreams, the more real we make them.

Remember that all form is but a once neutral construction by the ego in our minds. The only meaning it has is what we have given it. Today we learn to lay down the walls of defense that only we have made.

Defensiveness is weakness.

Defenselessness is strength.

Our Father’s strength abides in us, making weakness therefore just another idle dream.

Recognize that we have no more need to be defensive because now we recognize that we are Spirit and cannot be hurt.

If we cannot be hurt, then we no longer need to be afraid.

If fear no longer has a reason for being, then could we not let joyful happiness take its place?

Choose happiness from this moment forward.

Offer our Father our gift of defenselessness today and He will replace our fear and anger with His love, strength, confidence, peace, safety, and light.

Call upon God’s strength in every moment of the day.

God is here, by our side in every moment.

Invite Him with our words every hour to speak and comfort us.

His voice is everywhere to the mind that is at peace and therefore able to hear Him speak through everyone and everything.

Ask to see differently whatever appears in the world to provoke defense and attack.

Surrender all urges to defend or attack.

Let us now rest in love’s defenseless strength.

Allow love, strength, confidence, peace, safety, and light to rise forth from within us, to shine upon all of our brothers.

Salvation waits for us to offer our light to our brothers, for only in giving our light will we see the light that is our own.

Practice as much and as often as we can to enjoy God’s loving Presence in every moment.

Let this now be our single practice.

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