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Lesson 39, February 8

My holiness is my salvation.

This lesson tells us that this course is simple, and that we don’t even need to practice what is already ours.

We are now, have always been, and will forever remain Whole and Holy.

What we need to be saved from are our unholy, unloving thoughts about fear, depression, anger, worry, attacks, grievances, guilt, insecurity, uneasiness, worthlessness, and so on.

All unloving thoughts come between us and our salvation.

All unloving thoughts keep us in hell.

The entire world will benefit from the salvation of each and every one of us.

We would not need to practice if our minds were already disciplined and less distractible. But the more we practice, the easier it gets.

Practice by asking the Holy Spirit in our minds to see differently each of our unloving thoughts as they arise. A Course in Miracles tells us that blessing these thoughts is what will return our vision to us.

Practice recognizing our guilt thoughts and giving them to the Holy Spirit for correction. It doesn’t matter if the guilt is our own or another’s because it all belongs to us anyway. We are all One.

Notice the guilt thought, Refuse to feed it with your attention, then Give it to God for correction.

Our thoughts and feelings, as well as all of the conditions in our lives, and all of the effects in the world are simply waiting to get our attention.

When we give any of these things our focus of attention all we are really doing is making them appear even more real for us, and more concrete in our minds, and therefore, in our lives and out in the world.

It isn’t real.

Remember, Nothing is Real but God’s Love and Light.

The habit you need to cultivate is to Never React or Respond with anything but Gratitude, Grace, and Good humor to anything at all that is happening in our inner or outer experiences. It is only there to get a rise out of you.

Don’t do it. Deny it, instead.

Allow the thoughts and feelings to move as you merely observe them, and they are sure to disappear back into the nothingness.

Do this for every thought and feeling that you have, regardless of what the thought is. Be very disinterested and disengaged in every thought and feeling that rises up into your awareness in each moment.

Engaging with your thoughts and feelings is what creates our stories of guilt, and our stories of guilt only result in creating effects that can appear as various forms of pain, anger, worry, and regret.

Disengagement, however, will result in effects that appear to be peaceful.

Every moment will seem perfect, with nothing to worry or complain about, and nothing to regret or fear.

Our wholeness, oneness, holiness is therefore our salvation.

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