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Lesson 42, February 11

God is my strength. Vision is His gift.

Our strength comes from God, not from ourselves.

If problems, weakness, or victimhood are filling the thoughts of our consciousness, then we can be certain we have been using our own strength rather than accepting and using God’s strength.

To accept a strength greater than our own requires humility on our part, a letting go, and a trust that a greater power does exist for us.

This strength is not separate from us, but is always a part of us.

What we need to do is to open up to God’s strength, which is always available to us when we step back, open up to receive it, and accept it.

The more we can take this step back, the less we will habitually depend on our ego mind’s strength and the more we will increase our ability to feel God’s strength.

On our own we are small and cannot see, but as we take that step back, we remember that there is One who does know. We do not know what anything is for. It is as we come to consistently remember to depend on God’s strength alone, that we will receive the gift of His Vision.

A Course in Miracles is guiding us to new habits of mind that will enable us to receive God’s vision in every circumstance and area of our lives.

The important thing for us to learn is that there is nothing to learn, but what is vital is that we practice whatever each of these lessons are asking us to take the time to practice.

Through practicing is how we will gain God’s strength and Vision.

This lesson offers us great hope in telling us that we cannot help but be in the right place at the right time.

The world that we view is only a mirror showing us the same images that we are seeing in our minds. The world has no other meaning, and is nothing more than this.

From one moment to the next moment, what we are seeing is either reinforcing our separateness or it is asking for a correction of a false belief that is creating the effect.

We also have a choice in seeing all the people that appear to us as either guilty or innocent.

We want to join with the Holy Spirit in every moment for it is with Him that we are to constantly consult by asking what it is in that moment that we need to do or say, and to whom.

It is our work to relax, let go, and slow down our minds so that we can do this work of collaborating with the Holy Spirit in our minds. That is how He will do the undoing, which is the purification of our small minds, the voice of our ego thinking.

By moving through our day, not on our own, but with our Constant Companion, we will be less likely to be frustrated and upset because we have been depending on our small ego selves and we will gain the habit and practice of being more likely to depend on our higher, greater Selves, our Constant Companion, God, the Holy Spirit.

Make this our practice and we cannot fail to have God’s strength and the gift of His Vision.

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