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Lesson 126, May 6

All that I give is given to myself.

This lesson asks us to remember a previous lesson, “to give and to receive are the same.”

What has been given, therefore, must be received.

When we think we have nothing to give, we must turn that thought around and recognize that we have everything to give.

Are we seeing every person we meet as innocent?

Are we happy regardless of what is happening in this moment?

Am I perfect and innocent exactly as I am?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then forgiveness is what we have to give.

We offer forgiveness because guilt is not real.

Nothing is Real except God’s Love.

Forgiveness is the most powerful action we can ever take, according to A Course in Miracles.

Forgiveness offers us everything we want.

Contrary to popular notions, forgiveness is not something that we offer to right a wrong.

Forgiveness is something we do for ourselves, to help us release our judgments and mistaken beliefs, along with the errors of effects that these create in our world of appearances.

We always have forgiveness to give, not as charity, but because no one can be guilty of anything except the guilt that we have given to them through the judgments in our minds.

We can only give what we first see in ourselves.

If we feel we are not worthy or perfect then we will project that guilt onto others because of our refusal to accept ourselves as whole and perfectly innocent.

The guilt we see in another is in truth a part of ourselves that we have disowned.

There is always someone and something to forgive. These are reflections of the unacceptable parts of ourselves that we have separated from.

Even when we think there is nothing to forgive, we can be generous and learn to forgive anyway.

What we give is given to ourselves.

Remember, this is all happening in our minds.

We are all One, there is no separation.

Give love, appreciation, kindness, and gratitude as much as possible.

Isn’t this what each of us wants?

Be the one to give it first.

If we’re feeling stuck, stagnant, or tired, we’re just not giving enough.

Test this lesson out. Experience the results of our giving.

Even when we think that we’re dead right about something, offer forgiveness.

Make this a game. Have fun with it.

What we will learn by doing this lesson is that separation is the lie.

Events and stories about people that we have believed are guilty are really just images and reflections coming from the thoughts in our own minds.

Appearances are only energy.

Appearances tell us that other people are separate from ourselves.

As our thoughts and beliefs of separation are released, the appearances that they created also dissolve.

This is miraculous!

This lesson must be done to be believed!

Align our thoughts with the truth and the freedom that we have been searching far and wide for will be ours.

This lesson shows us how all that we give is given to ourselves.

This is a lesson about what forgiveness really means.

It is a lesson helping us to reverse our conditioned thinking.

It is a lesson about how to release our hidden and long-buried grievances.

All that we give is given to ourselves.

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