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Lesson 117, April 27

(103) God being Love is also happiness.
(104) I seek but what belongs to me in truth.

Love, joy, happiness, and peace are the gifts our Father has given to us.

This is the fountain we can always tap into.

Nothing external to us can change this or ever have any effect on us.

True joy and everlasting happiness comes from an infinite well of peace that fountains up and out from inside of us.

External events like a marriage or a death, or objects like a new car can only make us temporarily happy or sad.

We are told by the media that all we need is a new deodorant or a different relationship to make us feel better about ourselves.

But lasting peace and happiness can never be found outside of us, no matter where we look, no matter how much money we have nor how many friends we have.

Things seen with our body’s physical eyes are never everlasting.

Only spirit is infinite and forever.

Love and happiness is what we are.

If we are not feeling joyful, then we are believing in some mistaken idea.

We have forgotten our true identity.

We have lost touch with the truth and have instead bought into the lie that the world of effects is showing us with its illusory pictures of lack and separation.

Living in separation is a substitute for living in the oneness and wholeness that is our natural state of mind.

When we are feeling sad or tired, then we have forgotten God’s gifts to us of love and happiness.

We can never be without these gifts that are eternally ours.

We need only accept our true reality of being at one and whole.

We forget when we walk alone.

But there is no need to walk alone.

Practice remembering the truth every thirty minutes today.

Let the lie of lack and separation go.

Ask to see the truth about our oneness, innocence, and wholeness.

In every moment we have the choice to walk alone or to take our Father’s hand.

Our Father is always available and waits for us in our minds and hearts.

Let us Now Relax and Rest in God’s arms of love and light, where the fountain of safety, security, and peace waits for us to tap into it.

I Now Relax and Rest in God’s arms of love and light.

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