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Lesson 147, May 27

My mind holds only what I think with God.
(133) I will not value what is valueless.
(134) Let me perceive forgiveness as it is.

Are we clear about what has value and what does not?
Is the love and intimacy that we share between us ever worth forfeiting for some benign difference of opinion or trivial disagreement?

What is without value is the value that we have assigned to the ego’s belief in separation that creates mistaken, fearful thoughts.

The thoughts we think without God are the bricks that build the walls around our hearts and minds, isolated from the ever-present flow of God’s love.

Walls have no value yet we value them by giving them meanings that have blinded and crippled us from seeing the truth.

Forgiveness is recognizes all of these erroneous beliefs and mistaken thoughts for the illusions that they are.

Forgiveness is letting go of the walls of separation.

Let us not value what is valueless.

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