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Lesson 96, April 6

Salvation comes from my one Self.

In previous lessons, we have spoken of grievances and attacks, stating that no one is to blame for our troubles because there is nothing and no one outside of us.

There is no world. Therefore, we are but doing this to ourselves.

Today’s lesson is similarly saying that salvation is already ours, because there is nothing out there in the world. What we see is not real but is only the effects of our past thoughts, the effects of our split mind, or ego thoughts, rather than the thoughts of the one mind of God.

Problems and conflicts cannot be resolved, nor can illusions be fixed, because they are not real. Our false self is an image made up by us and in truth can never be real.

Only our Self is real. This Self is the spark of God within us, which can never be divided but is always whole and complete.

We are one Self, however, for many of us, our experience is that of being two, mind and body, spirit and matter, love and anger.

Opposites are not real, however, therefore, truth and illusion can never be reconciled.

In truth, there is no split, there is no mind or body because the physical world is not real.

Only spirit is real, only spirit has power.

Spirit uses the mind with which to express the Self.

Mind which serves spirit is filled with peace, joy, and light because it is fulfilling its one function.

Mind without spirit is weakness without strength, unhappiness, helplessness, powerlessness, limitation, and confusion. It feels alone and separate.

Mind without spirit has denied its Source.

Our real Self is spirit, the spark of God.

We have sought many, many solutions to our inner state of conflict, but none of them have worked.

Salvation is what we have been seeking in every corner of the world, but it is only to be found here within the mind that we share with God.

Salvation is the thoughts that we share with God, the voice of our Self, the presence in our minds.

We deny God’s thoughts whenever we go out into the world seeking salvation.

We also deny God’s thoughts whenever we identify ourselves as a body.

Ask for all of these meaningless perceptions to be corrected and then ask to be guided to the light and love of God, where perfect peace, joy, and love reside.

The thoughts of God’s presence is what we can expect to connect with for each five minute period of every hour.

We want our minds to be open and receptive so that we can be guided to an experience of the truth, and so that spirit can use our minds so that our Selves can find expression.

We know we are tying up our energy in conflict with feelings of unhappiness, weakness, and distraction.

We will know we have found God’s thoughts by the peace that we feel.

Our Self will be restored to power and strength because we will once again be fulfilling our function.

Our Self will “flow out from spirit to spirit…to bless all things.”

We will have reconnected with our Self.

Salvation comes from our one Self.

Now Rest in God’s peaceful presence.

Now Rest in God.

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