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Lesson 136, May 16

Sickness is a defense against the truth.

We can only heal our mind once we understand the purpose of sickness.

The purpose of anything is to see the truth of its wholeness rather than its separation into parts.

Our purpose, therefore, is to be willing to accept the truth and to ask for our thoughts to be corrected.

Like every other illusion, sickness and all other bodily related states beg us to focus on the separate parts and off of the unity of the whole.

Sickness is a defense against the truth of our wholeness in God, and our oneness with God.

Sickness is a choice, a decision we once made to prove our separateness from God.

Our decision for sickness is a choice to attack, abandon, and reject our True Selves.

When we make plans, judge, or attack, it is because we believe that we are a body.

When we are sick or in pain, the sensations take our minds completely off of the truth and our focus remains stuck on the pain.

Pain protects us from recognizing the truth.

Pain is a result of harboring wrong-minded thoughts that are focused on stories of separation, weakness, guilt, the body, and powerlessness.

A focus on sickness and pain reflects our choice to value individuality and separation over oneness and love.

Sickness is the effect of rejecting the truth about who we are.

We have forgotten we are one mind.

We have forgotten we are mind.

Let us accept the truth in our minds.

The body is healed when all purposes we have given the body, to create separation, the source of sickness, have been released.

The body is a communication tool, a means of extending love to all, and valueless other than this usefulness that it serves.

We ask for a healed mind, but never ask for a healed body.

Healing asks us merely to accept our wholeness and oneness.

Let us ask to stop using our body for attack and defense.

A healthy mind is one that values only love and offers it unconditionally to all.

A healed mind is one that has no bodily response of either pain or pleasure.

A healed mind that does not harbor attacks, judgments, or uncertainties guarantees a healthy body that does not need protection from sickness, food, fatigue, or the environment.

A healed mind does not mistake the body as its identity.

No longer do we need the body or sickness to prove our separate individuality from God or from our brothers.

Let us now ask to realize who we are as spirit.

Let us now ask for a correct perception of the body.

Let us ask that our thoughts be guided to look at what we are doing and thinking, to recognize our attacks on ourselves, and to make a new choose to let it go and to see beyond all form to the home we all share in the oneness and wholeness of light, love, and laughter within all.

Let us lighten up and laugh at the ego’s expressions of sickness because the only purpose sickness serves is not as a distraction from the truth but as a reminder of the truth.

We are not bodies. We are free as God created us to be.

Let us now accept the truth.

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