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Lesson 106, April 16

Let me be still and listen to the truth.

Be still and listen to the truth instead of the voice that predicts and promises smallness, lack, loss, and limitation.

We can hear God’s voice only when we stop listening to the ego’s meaningless voice.

Learn to ignore the lies the small voice incessantly chatters on about. It is nothing. Let that voice drone on without our acceptance of whatever it has to say.

The ego speaks only of the illusions that exist just to sustain itself.

Eventually the ego’s voice must die from our lack of attention and interaction with it.

Let the veil on these illusions lift to reveal the happy miracles that have waited patiently for our attention.

Just stop listening to the small voice of nothingness.

Just say, “No” to its persistent, nagging beliefs in illusions.

Just say, “Yes to Reality,” instead.

Open up now to feel the state of mind where God’s gifts of peace and joy have been waiting for our attention and interaction.

First we need to receive God’s miracles so we may happily give what we have received.

God has waited for us to listen to the truth, for through the truthful voice of our Self, God calls our sleeping brothers to awaken.

Our channel is clear and we are the messengers for His communications.

“My voice is His, to give what I receive.”

And so the circle completes as we give what we have received.

Today’s lesson will clarify what giving and receiving means because this is what we are to ask for throughout the day.

We always receive answers to our questions, so ask this of our Father at the beginning of every hour today.

Consistent repetition is how we awaken our consciousness to the awesome power of God that comes with the right use of our minds.

Allow today’s lesson to shake us into awakening to “begin the ministry for which you came.”

Our purpose for being here is to listen to God’s truth about peace and joy, so we can then offer or extend that truth to all of our brothers in the world.

We are asking to receive God’s Word so we can give it away to everyone we meet.

We can give away the truth with our direct expression of words, or, we can simply hold this offer in our minds and give it away silently to everyone we meet.

If we ask, He will tell us what to do, what to say, and who to say it to.

Then, just be still and He will do the rest.

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