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Lesson 221, August 9

Peace to my mind. Let all my thoughts be still.

Forgiveness, to me, means that who we are can never be affected by what anyone or anything does or says to us, simply because we are the formless and infinite spirit of God’s love and light.

After attempting to understand what forgiveness is for most of my life, it was only after realizing the truth about who I was that I could finally understand what forgiveness was.

I am a formless, eternal light, the inner glow, shining everywhere, freely flowing without resistance, like water, everywhere.

When another appears to act unjustly towards us, we need to own our projection and together with the Holy Spirit, look at where we are doing that very same thing. Every projection is usually about a judgment that we are holding on to.

A Course in Miracles tells us that it is always, only ourselves that we need to forgive.

We need do nothing but let forgiveness show us what to do.

When our thoughts are still and our mind is at peace, we can call upon our Father, and then wait to hear God’s voice.

We are never separate from God or from our good, but because we are never still or silent, it seems that our separation is what is real.

The more that we can allow the “reality” of the world to dissolve, the less separate we will feel, and the greater will be our experience of God’s love, as well as His other spiritual qualities.

Our thoughts will be still whenever we make the choice for accepting our oneness with God that already exists.

Simply watch and let go of the ego’s thoughts that arise. Never interact with them.

Just say, “No,” to the ego’s voice for fear, separation, and limitation.

Say, “Yes,” to our true, eternal identity as the peace and stillness of God

Peace to my mind. Let all my thoughts be still.

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