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Lesson 76, March 17

I am under no laws but God’s.

We are in truth not subject to any laws but for the laws of God.

We think that manmade laws of money, marriage, medicine, religion, and nutrition will protect the body from suffering, but there are no laws but God’s.

There is no suffering or loss under God’s law.

Stop believing that danger exists.

Stop believing in the need for safety, security, or protection.

We are always free from all danger because danger only exists in our minds.

As an expression of God, we have been given a purpose to fulfill.

We need to trust that all of our needs will be met as we fulfill our purpose of extending the Light and Love that we are.

But if we are not fulfilling our purpose but instead are identifying with the lies of the ego, then we do become trapped in the ego’s web of laws that tell us to believe in needing, not being, not having, getting more, and other wrong-minded imagined stories of the body’s lacks and limitations.

Bodies and behaviors are only thoughts and images that exist in our minds.

Stories and personalities are only thoughts and images that exist in our minds.

We are healed as we stop becoming trapped in appearances and instead learn to use all that we see as an opportunity to recognize our thoughts and then turn them over to the Holy Spirit to transform them back into light and love.

God’s law says that Nothing is Real except God’s love and light.

Only unlimited, unconditional love is real.

Love has no opposite therefore Nothing is Real but God’s love and light.

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