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Lesson 12, January 12

I am upset because I see a meaningless world.

The world and all of its contents are all the same, neutral.

Nothing is either good or bad.

If I seem to perceive sadness, or violence, or terror, or beauty, or sexy, or whatever, then that is how I am choosing to perceive what is in truth neutral.

This lesson is asking me to simply accept that all that I see as having no meaning.

It is asking me to refrain from adding my own judgments to whatever I am seeing so that what is really there can be revealed to me. By adding my own judgments to everything, I have concealed God’s words with my own.

To do anything else is a trap that causes unwanted effects and experiences for me.

The truth is that there is only one power, love. Love is the only thing that exists. Love is the only thing that is real.

And if I am seeing other things besides love, it is a creation I made in my own dualistic, split mind.

This lesson is telling me that the pain I am feeling in my leg is in truth meaningless.

The offense that I take when a co-worker attacks me is also meaningless.

The repetitive mistakes that I perceive someone close to me continuously making are also meaningless.

The worthlessness with which I see my own self because I have failed to meet a certain expectation that I have is also meaningless.

This lesson is offering me hope and peace if I can set aside the childish, egoic judgments of my split mind and ask the Holy Spirit to help me to see each of these four events in a new and different way.

It requires a new paradigm to really “get” that all of these issues got their start in my mind!

My mind created them and not the other way around.

I am sure that whenever I truly understand this lesson of causality at the experiential level of my cells, then I will be only too happy to take the responsibility in exchange for the freedom and peace that God is offering me.

I am determined to ask that my mind be healed.

No longer do I want to experience the meaningless world that my meaningless thoughts are creating.

I really do want to get off of the emotional roller coaster ride that I put myself through because of my meaningless thoughts and the power that my mind has to create a meaningless world in response to these thoughts.

My thoughts are not idle ones.

Not at all! The fact is that my thoughts have been creating a very dark and depressing world.

It really has become a very meaningless world that my meaningless thoughts have created and have now trapped me in. And yes, I am now very upset about this.

Any time I feel upset it is a sign that I need to turn to the Holy Spirit and ask to see differently whatever I am seeing.

God, I am so ready to hand it all over to you now.

Help me to see differently all this meaningless pain that my thoughts have created.

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