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Lesson 109, April 19

I rest in God.

I rest in God’s peace.

Let us rest in the peace of God’s comforting arms.

Pay no mind to the nothingness of the storm’s ravaging the world.

Deeper we sink into God’s unshakable peace.

Nothing can disturb this peace that we feel.

Let us be grateful to have this moment to rest in God and joyfully extend this moment to our brothers.

We offer to every brother the endless wave of peace and quiet that carries us forward.

Resting in His stillness, receiving His comfort.

Even when a moment of sadness insists on lingering in the stillness.

We welcome the sadness with the same open arms of embrace that we extend to the peace.

In welcoming the sadness we can never disturb the peace in our core that remains at rest.

Now let us Rest in God.

Let us offer to everyone the peace and joyful blessings that lightens our own step. We ask that all of us who are tired and worn feel restored from resting in our Father’s comforting arms.

Now let us Rest in God.

Let us walk hand in hand with our brothers, carried by our Father, to go to our home where we can be at rest in the light and love of our hearts.

Now let us Rest in God.

This is the end of all problems, cares, and suffering, for nothing can move us off of our center of peace.

We are glad to offer our peaceful joy to everyone.

Together, Now let us Rest in God.

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