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Lesson 123, May 3

I thank my Father for His gifts to me.

We thank You, Father for Your gifts to us.

I am grateful for my life.

Thank You for A Course in Miracles that has brought me so much comfort.

Thank You for carrying me so far, for lifting me from so much despair.

Thank You for being by my side in every moment.

Thank You for giving me what I am still learning to open up to receive.

Thank You for the love I receive from You.

Thank You for the love I accept from You.

Thank You for the light that shines from me as I learn to listen to You.

I feel so happy and blessed to know You are with me, pointing the way.

Thank You Father for Your gifts to me.

Thank You Father for helping me get out of the way of hearing You in my heart.

Thank You Father for Your gifts to me.

I still long to hear Your voice more clearly, and to unlock the frozen tears and terrors trapped in my heart and stuck in my throat.

In time it will melt.

Until then, my heart is filled with joy and gladness for the happy thanks I feel for You.

Let me give thanks and remember You.

Let us give thanks.

Thank You, Father.

I accept and receive God’s gifts to me.

Now I have everything to give, and I feel needed, wanted, and loved.

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