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Lesson 11, January 11

My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world.

This idea is a complete reversal of the way my mind has become conditioned to see. We see the world with our minds and not with our eyes. And what we see is not with the neutrality that exists in everything, but through the lens of our meaningless thoughts.

Once upon a time we presumed our eyes saw the world first and afterwards in reaction we had a response to what we saw. Now we are beginning to recognize that all that exists is neutral, but that it is our thoughts about everything that determine what we see.

So the beauty of the Grand Canyon and the hideousness of a pile of garbage are both equally meaningless. Similarly, the soothing, kind words of a friend are as equally meaningless as are the nasty comments and behaviors directed at me from a certain co-worker.

My meaningless thoughts want to ascribe blame on the co-worker, however, if my thoughts about her are meaningless, how can I point fingers at her or at anyone, for that matter?

Rather than blame the co-worker, I must extend gratitude to her because she is projecting to me some long-buried parts of myself that have remained hidden from my awareness until now.

The pain in the back of my knee is also equally meaningless.

The co-worker, the pain and my knee are all neutral, however, my thoughts about the co-worker, the pain and my knee never are.

If what I am seeing in the world is not to my liking, then I can change the world that I am seeing simply by changing my thoughts.

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