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Lesson 37, February 6

My holiness blesses the world.

This lesson gives us a glimpse into why we are here and what our earthly purpose is.

“Your purpose is to see the world through your own holiness.”

“Those who see themselves as whole make no demands.”

We teach not by preaching or telling but by quiet recognition that in our holiness are all things blessed including ourselves.

Offer our blessing to all immediately so that we can learn to keep it in our awareness.

Our holiness, or, Wholeness, sees only the eternal truth of Oneness that exists beyond all time, space, and form.

This lesson explicitly tells us that our purpose is to remove all of the barriers that have kept us separate, that block us from perceiving our Oneness, Wholeness.

We have first separated from our True Self, and thus have projected that state of separation so that we are creating the effects of the separateness of all that we see.

However, this lesson reminds us that we are and have always been Whole, Holy. It could not be any other way. And if we are Whole and Holy now, so must be all that we project in the form of every one and every thing we see.

This is True Vision.

This is our earthly purpose.

We have again forgotten that love is what we are and that Nothing is Real except God’s Love Light.

All of our attention must be focused on having the awareness of Love as the only Reality, for Love is what God created.

The moment our attention is placed on what we or another is doing, saying, feeling, or being, then we split our minds again, we forget our True Identity, and what is real.

There is a community called Rego Park. The word Rego is made up of two words, Real + Good, so named because it was a real good place to live.

In that same way, we can remember that only love is real, with Re + Lo, or “ReLo.”

As we first accept our identity of love unconditionally in ourselves, we will come to see love unconditionally in the world.

In this respect, this lesson is showing us that ACCEPTING our own Wholeness, Holiness is truly a gift that blesses us and all the world.

What a relief! There is nothing I need do but accept what I already have!

The light of my Inner Glow is mine, here to be used to bless all the world.

We are being asked to shine the energy of Love Light that we are upon all that we see. It is in so giving what we are that everything and everyone our light shines upon is blessed including ourselves.

It is first in extending our energy of love towards the outward flow of energy that we can even begin to receive any energy at all from the inward flow of energy.

As was stated yesterday, we are already perfect, free, whole, and complete unto ourselves.

To realize the joy and peace that we are, we need only be the love that we are, accept all that is, shine outward on all that is, and allow what is to be. And so the full circle of energy goes round and round, complete in itself.

We are indeed Holy and Whole, for that is our True Nature.

We are still as God created us.

And now we are using our Gift to bless the world.

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