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Lesson 169, June 18

By grace I live. By grace I am released.
By grace I give. By grace I will release.

Grace is the state of being in Heaven’s Oneness. It is a way of seeing through illusions so that we can live at peace with God’s Presence in an angry and hateful world.

Grace only comes to a mind that is in complete acceptance. The state of grace follows our willingness to receive it, which comes after we have learned to do the work of forgiveness.

To forgive is to let go of and in order to do that we must meet whatever it is we are letting go of by looking at it straight in the eye, with full awareness, and give it to the Holy Spirit for correction.

Grace is not learned but comes usually after we take one step forward and two steps backward. It is our willingness to fall down and get up again that prepares us to receive God’s grace.

We are learning the lessons of A Course in Miracles. Not all of them come easy and though there is no such thing as time it does take us some time until our daily moment to moment practices come naturally to us, gracefully, so to speak. Until that time we may falter and stumble in the darkness a bit.

I forgive myself for creating a world of so much separation, lack, and limitation. Holy Spirit, help me.

Hourly, we pray:

By grace I live. By grace I am released.
By grace I give. By grace I will release.
Thank You for Your gifts of grace to me.
Show me how to extend Your gifts to others. Tell me where to go, what to do, what to say and to whom.

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