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Lesson 95, April 5

I am one Self, united with my Creator.

We already are perfect and at one with our Creator.

For most of us, however, we experience ourselves as divided into good and bad, light and shadow, human and spirit.

Seeing these unreal opposites is the illusion that our minds create. There is only oneness and no such thing as opposites like good or bad.

We doubt the unity of our true Selves believing and accepting instead in the lie that they are in conflict, fragmented, and separate from our creator who appears to not be answering our prayers.

Because we have become conditioned to accept what is not the truth, we have a great need for disciplining our minds, training ourselves to slow down every hour for five minutes to practice these lessons.

And practicing the lessons hourly often meets with great resistance.

We sincerely do want only God in our lives, but our inner resistance to remembering to stop to take the time every hour often wins out, especially in the beginning.

We have grown too comfortable having made our unreal, separated, material self our true reality while our one real Self, our spirit, remains hidden and often seems out of reach.

With patience, commitment and discipline, however, we can get into the habit of training our minds to recognize the illusion that the world of matter and form are.

As we train our minds to recognize this, so that we can stop being affected by anything in the world, we create the space that enables us to more easily connect with our one real, whole Self.

This lesson is asking us to once again make the attempt to connect with our one Self, who is united with our Creator.

Most of us definitely have quite a bit of difficulty with sustaining any amount of attention on staying aware of our one Self, who appears elusive at best.

When we forget who we are, we remain in a state of unawareness, powerless and ignorant of the truth.

A regular hourly structure is intended to help get us out of the habit of forgetting our Selves and into the automatic habit of taking the time to remember.

This lesson makes an important point that whenever we fail to remember to practice, take it only as a mistake to be corrected and nothing more. Simply have the willingness to return to practicing as soon as possible.

Learning to tolerate our failures to remember to practice is important because that is how we learn to overlook it, rather than to give it any power at all to affect us.

Every illusion we see in the material world had its beginnings as a thought in our mind.

Now let us lay all illusions aside.

Now, we can use every form we see as an opportunity to recognize its unreality. Ask the Holy Spirit to correct our thinking, and then make a new choice instead.

Whenever we are feeling agitated or tired, it’s a red flag alerting us to the fact that we are splitting our minds by paying attention to illusions and making their unreality real.

We are one Self.

Let it be our one goal today to feel the deep gratitude, peace, and joy of our one Self.

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