Lesson 38, February 7

There is nothing my holiness cannot do.

From this lesson forward, we are learning to recognize how powerful we truly are.

There is nothing our holiness cannot do.

It can remove our pain, end our sorrows, and solve every problem that we have or that anyone else has.

We are Holy because everything that God created is Holy, and everything that God created is Holy because we are Holy.

This lesson establishes our innate Oneness with God.

We need but be aware of His Power and accept that it is ours now, as it always has been.

This is only news to us now because we have become conditioned to believe otherwise, in our smallness, powerlessness, and worthlessness.

We have come to believe that our problems are real rather than recognizing that Nothing is Real except God’s Love and Light.

We have grown consistent in forgetting to raise up our attention to remembering to stay awake to the truth that we cannot be anything other than Whole and Holy.

Awakening only requires our attention. There is nothing we need to change in the world, nothing we need to do except to become conscious and vigilant about where our focus of attention needs to be placed.

We awaken when we align our minds with the truth.

How do we come home, back into the alignment that is our nature?

As was stated yesterday, all attention needs to be taken off of our bodies and behaviors, and placed instead onto the Kingdom of God, the Love and Light that is real.

Focus off of the visible and on to the invisible.

It requires vigilance to interrupt our long-standing patterns and to rise above all effects, problems, and humanly concerns.

It requires determination and perseverance to focus on changing the mental cause and off of futile attempts at trying to change the world of effects and appearances.

We have found a perverse kind of comfort in our problems and unfulfilled needs for however long we have endured them.

We hang out in the space of these low vibrations merely out of habit. We have become comfortable with extending the energy of our ego and its false beliefs.

Our bodies are vehicles of communication that we have used to extend the energy of what we are not, the darkness of lies, unworthiness, lack, and limitation.

It is out of habit that our focus consistently returns to the world of visible form rather than the invisible Kingdom of God’s Love and Light.

Now, we need to grow a new habit of giving up all of the thinking that has created every problem and hand each of these thoughts over to the Holy Spirit for correction.

We need to have a new habit of extending Love and Light using our bodies as the vehicles of communication that they are so that we are constantly extending the energy of Light and Love that we are.

Our efforts in training our minds to live in an entirely different vibration rests solely on how we are using the focus of our attention.

We need but consistently remember to be aware of the truth about the energy of who we are. That’s all this lesson is asking of us: that we become aware of the power that we already have.

There is nothing that our holiness, wholeness, oneness, power cannot do.

Simply be the Love and Light that we already are and generously allow it to flow out to all.