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Lesson 157, June 6

Into His Presence would I enter now.

We recognize that now we are walking hand in hand with our Father, who is leading us in every moment through all of the walls and barriers that we, ourselves, have placed in Love’s way. He is also guiding us to a new vision, to share with the world.

What we ask for must be given us.

That is why it is crucial for us to continually make contact with God, our Constant Companion, with whom we communicate and ask for guidance in every step we take.

There is nothing we need to be in control of, so let all of that false sense of power go.

The only worthy goal for us now is to keep our attention in the present, on the Presence, from one new moment to the next new moment, remembering only Heaven and completely forgetting the world.

A Course in Miracles is teaching us to pay greater attention to what is happening in the present moment so that we have fewer throw away moments in which we are operating on autopilot.

As we learn to pay closer attention to the contents of every moment, we will naturally receive instructions on what to do next.

Attending to heaven in our minds and keeping our hearts open to God will grow our experience of Heaven, and leave us with less and less incentive to listen to what remains of the ego’s loud, abrasive voice.

Our ego will take its rightful place in the back seat when we stop valuing separation and disowning our fragmented parts.

This will result in our experience of being our True Christ Selves, the natural, timeless state in which we are overflowing with infinite love, peace, joy, confidence, serene bliss, innocence, stillness, ease, fulfillment, and relaxation.

This is our return to love, in which we spend more time in a place where the invisible experience has greater value than the visible world of form and behavior.

God’s Presence in the present moment, Now, is the only Reality.

This aware moment is what A Course in Miracles calls, the “Holy Instant,” which marks a different way of being and seeing for us.

It is a deeply penetrating experience of energy that reaches us beyond all words, and beyond the mind, yet emanating from deep within our hearts.

Now is the time for us to present the world with this visionary experience of the Presence.

The sole purpose of our body is its value in bringing this Christ vision to the world.

Today, we pray:

Holy Spirit, I ask to join with you to look upon all that is and see it only love and innocence.

Let me see past all that is not love to recognize it only as a call for love, and to respond only with the love within me.

Holy Spirit, guide me in this coming hour. What would you have me do and say? What do I need to be aware of now?

Thank You.

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