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Lesson 80, March 21

Let me recognize my problems have been solved.

All problems are the same, despite appearing to have different forms, and there is only one solution to the one, single problem.

Salvation depends on the idea of accepting “one problem, one solution.”

The source of the problem and the solution to the problem is in our minds.

Recognize what our problems are in truth—a false belief— and we will quickly realize that we have no problems.

If we have no more problems, then we must be at peace, in love, and filled with gratitude in every moment for all that is present.

Accept the peace that comes from knowing that you are now free of all conflict as well as from accepting that you have now been saved.

Be certain that now you are free of every challenge you once had. And when the memory arises in your mind of a special problem that once gripped your attention, quickly say, “Let me recognize this problem has been solved.”

To recognize this is to accept that salvation is now ours.

The recognition and acceptance of this will open the door for the Holy Spirit to provide us with God’s solution.

With gratitude and peaceful confidence today repeatedly say, “My only problem has been solved.”

Problems, difficulties, and discomforts are the things we resist, judge, and refuse to approve of.

Recognition of judging something to be a problem means we are still holding on to grievances and unforgiveness.

We are blocking the light and choosing the darkness.

We are still believing that we are our stories, personalities, self-images, behaviors, and bodies.

The world of past effects, memories, and appearances is still occupying our attention.

It’s all in our minds.

We are focused on the physical level outside of ourselves rather than at the level of cause, God’s Love at the spiritual level within our hearts.

There is no power in the world. All power is from God and is in us now.

The answer to this dilemma lies is accepting Atonement.

We need do nothing in the world.

We need only accept our identity as an awareness, an empty channel for God to use for the greater good.

We need only accept our Oneness with God and Love.

All answers are available to us when we remember who we are.

Problems are in the world, but the solution is in us.

We can be aware of the lie or we can be aware of the truth.

The lie is in the world, the truth is in us, within our minds and hearts.

We are recognizing, accepting, and receiving one or the other in every moment.

We are most helpful to the world when we remain centered on the love and the light that we are.

We are most helpful to the world when we remain centered on the power we have to cause the out-picturing of our world.

Let us recognize our problems have been solved.

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