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Lesson 174, June 23

God is but love and therefore so am I.
(157) Into His Presence would I enter now.
God is but love and therefore so am I.
(158) Today I learn to give as I receive.
God is but love and therefore so am I

We can easily tap into the presence of God because it is in and around us all of the time.

God’s Presence is His qualities of peace, love, light, laughter, and the energy of life.

How many times a day are we thinking about these qualities of God?

How many times a day are we thinking about our ego needs, worldly desires, goals, ambitions, boredom, healing, wanting, etc.?

All we must do to receive His loving Presence is to stop denying it with our mindless acceptance of lack, loss, limitation, and powerlessness.

Stop believing in neediness and lies!

Stop searching for love and happiness!

Stop living life alone, with your own agenda.

Everything we desire in our heart of hearts is already here, now!

Enter into God’s presence by thinking only about God and the qualities that we all share with God.

The only reason why we think we don’t have God’s love, laughter, and light is because we aren’t sharing it, expressing it, extending it.

We think we will have less if we give, however, in truth, giving is the only way to expand, to have more!

Only giving and forgiving allows us to be in the flow of God’s Fountain of Love and Light.

Open our minds to look past the lie of separation. We are all one mind.

God, help me give away Your gift of Love, Light, Laughter, and Life Energy today, again and again.

God, use me today, to go where You are needed, to do whatever You need to get done, to see only what You see, and to speak only words You need to say.

God, help me keep my attention only on Your Truth and Your Love, Light, Laughter, and Life Energy.

God, help me express gratitude every hour for the Presence of Your Peace, Love, Light, Laughter, and Life Energy that I experience.

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