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Lesson 18, January 18

I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my seeing.

The reason that we are not alone in experiencing the effects of our seeing is that all of us share one mind, the mind of God, and in this non-local mind are the thoughts that each of us thinks.

These communal thoughts not only affect ourselves but they also affect everyone else.

My thoughts of separation cause both me and you to see images reflecting separation.

Similarly, my real thoughts that I think with God cause both me and you to see images of Oneness.

The world that I am seeing is the same world that you are seeing, and vice versa.

I am never alone. I couldn’t be alone even if I wanted to!

Everything that I think, say, and do teaches the world.

Remember, there are no idle thoughts. Therefore, each thought can either be a projection of the ego’s duality, and therefore is caused by wrong-minded thinking, or, the thought is a reflection of the Christ vision of Oneness. The real thoughts that I have awaken the real thoughts in all others.

This is true all of the time for every single thought and feeling that each one of us is having.

It is worth repeating, therefore, that there are no idle thoughts as each one has contributed to seeing what we believe, in spite of the fact that we have been conditioned instead to believe what we are seeing.

When I first read this lesson I felt distressed and uneasy having this awareness that my thoughts are things rather than the idle, private, judgments, grievances, and comparisons that was constantly churning in my mind. I would indulge for hours on end in what I thought was mindless thinking.

It was truly eye-opening to realize that these thoughts were “things” that were projecting their likeness out before my eyes and onto a world that I wasn’t even too crazy about being in.

It was frightening to realize what I was doing, albeit in an unaware state of being.

It pained me at first when I conceived of the years and decades of blame and regret that I hurled at anyone who happened to be around.

Soon my fright turned into guilt, and the uncomfortable feelings that resulted thankfully pointed me that much more quickly in the direction of the Holy Spirit in my mind who patiently waited for me to begin turning this mess over to Him.

We can no longer afford to run old stories and dramas through our minds after practicing this lesson.

We practice this lesson to bring us closer to a conscious state of mind.

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