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Lesson 33, February 2

There is another way of looking at the world.

We are being asked to step back and look upon all with a greater awareness.

No longer are we looking at the world or at ourselves with our old, past meaningless ideas, but now we can look upon all that exists both within ourselves and outside of ourselves with a new Vision.

What we see inside and outside are the same, and are also connected and joined to us.

Our minds have the power to see anyone and anything differently.

We can choose to see ourselves as belonging and joined rather than separate or alone.

We have the power to see ourselves as loved, wanted, needed, and abundant rather than lost, limited, or lacking.

If who we are inside ourselves is the energy of love, than that energy of love is all around us at whatever our eyes gaze on in the outside world.

God is in everything we see because God is in us.

Wherever we are not seeing love, is where we need more awareness to see the reality of love that is there. This lesson is teaching us that another way of seeing what we have been looking at for probably a long time can be seen in another way.

It is our way of looking that needs to change rather than the thing that is looked upon.

If we have been looking at something that appears to us to be painful, limited, lacking, or difficult in any way, we are now uncovering a new way to perceive it.

If all we keep seeing in the present has been more of the past, then we truly do want to have a different way of perceiving it so that we can finally put the past to rest and stop repeating it in our every living moment.

The reality is that every moment of our lives is different, new, and fresh. It is this fluid moment to moment Vision of life that we are looking to recapture.

Eventually, when our minds, hearts, physical eyes, and outside world are all showing us the same thing, we will know this integration and alignment of Oneness that True Christ Vision is.

The world is a neutral thing which we have colored in the many different shades and tones of our meaningless thoughts and past experiences. Those colors show us only our invented perceptions and are not really there, though we have come to accept them as our appearance of our world. This world that we have gotten used to seeing is not reality but is only our own invention.

Remove the meaningless colors that we have applied to what has become our inventions, and the barriers are removed so that God’s world of love and light can once again be revealed and come into our view.

We then will perceive another way of looking at the world.

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