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Lesson 15, January 15

My thoughts are images that I have made.

Vision is a psychological construct. We don’t see with our eyes but we see with our minds.

What we see is not real, but is an image. Remember, only love is real.

Our lives are a movie made up of images created with our thoughts and projected out onto the world.

We created it and therefore we can change it.

Don’t ever try to understand any of this, but just practice the lesson which asks you to see nothing as real and everything as merely an image.

The importance of this lesson is in not getting taken in by the contents of the world but instead in taking a step back to observe it, being in the witness state.

This is a vital step in learning to get off of the emotional roller coaster of reacting to contents in the world. Nothing is real. Why would you react to an image? Laughter is the only proper response!

Ultimately, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

What is not real, what God has not made will all dissolve into nothingness. Only God’s love is real and will remain.

If you are being sucked in to any dramas you must remember that you are wasting your energy in responding to an illusion.

Illusions can never bring you peace. They are part of the world of separation, loneliness, lack, debt, sadness, disease, and loss. These are the distractions that the world is built on and meant to keep love out of our attention.

The world of form is a meaningless world that comes and goes, ebbs and flows, rises and falls but never offers the safety and security that our invisible foundation of love provides.

Anchoring our experiences in love will always give us the peace we deserve, the serenity we crave beneath our turbulent angers, regrets, and resistances.

Come home now to the only comfort that is real.

See the world for what it really is, an image that I have made with my untamed thoughts.

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