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Lesson 167, June 16

There is one life, and that I share with God.

There exists either life or the denial of that life.

We cannot exist separate from God —or from life.

Our minds, the one life we share with God, are changeless and unlimited in truth.

There is only one life, and that one life has no opposite or conditions. Death including its many forms such as loss, sadness, discomfort, or suffering are all a denial of the one life of God that is all that exists.

Opposites are imagined for there is only one life, which we share with our one Source, God.

Our minds can sleep and dream but they remain the changeless one life.

There is only one form of life, no other form of life or opposite to life exists.

Thoughts of death are the same as thoughts of separation, a mistaken belief in changing conditions.

Every hour, let us give thanks for the life we have been given and let us ask in our heart of hearts who to share our experience with and how.

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