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Lesson 16, January 16

I have no neutral thoughts.

Yesterday’s lesson showed us that our thoughts are images that we have made. Today, we recognize that we have no idle thoughts because every thought that we have is creating everything that we see in our world.

Yesterday I also wrote that we see with our minds and not with the body’s eyes. I see my past thought creations with my body’s eyes. In order to see the truth, however, I must go to the Holy Spirit in my mind and ask to see the truth, ask to see differently the image that the body’s eyes now see.

This lesson is a testament to the power we have using our mind and our thoughts. Any thought that we have will be reflected out into our world.

We experience a meaningless world because we think meaningless thoughts.

We experience a small world because we think small thoughts.

We experience a limited world because we think limited thoughts.

We experience an impoverished world because we think impoverished thoughts.

Our mind is the canvas and our thoughts are the paints that we use to create the images of appearances in our world.

Every thought is creating a picture filled with either one of two things, either images of love or images of fear.

Look around at the big picture of your life and all of the details in the form of images that make up its contents.

Ask yourself if these images are showing you love or fear.

Now look at the thoughts that you are thinking.

And ask yourself if these thoughts are showing you love or fear.

There are no idle thoughts.

This is why Einstein said that “we cannot solve a problem with the mind that created it!”

We need to learn to ignore any “evidence” that our body’s eyes see reflected for it is only the outward result of our thoughts.

To see truth we need to turn away from reflections and turn toward God’s Love Light and the Holy Spirit.

Ask to see the truth in our minds.

Ask that our minds be healed.

Ask to receive a correction in our perception, for that is all that is ever needed at any level.

Nothing needs to change except for the way that we are seeing anything.

We need to notice what our thoughts are and then give each thought to the Holy Spirit for correction.

Every thought you have contributes to truth or illusion.

No exception.

You cannot be a victim of anything anymore.

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