Lesson 64, March 5

Let me not forget my function.

Our God-given function is to be happy, to forgive, to unite, to be the light of the world, and to extend love.

In this lesson we are affirming our determination to be consistent in remembering to forgive and to be happy.

When we are not happy with someone or something, it is because we are judging and blaming them, and therefore, being unforgiving of them.

Judging means we want to be separate.

Our judgment of them means that we are paying attention to illusions, to duality, and making nothingness real.

Our judgment of ourselves means that we are rejecting our God-given value and worth, our innate God-Self. We are instead walking hand in hand with the arrogant ego as our Constant Companion.

Only our fears cause us to believe we are unworthy.

When we are joined to and identified with the ego, we make the world of form, attack, and separation real. Our focus is on the material and off of the spiritual.

When we are focused on the world we are not paying attention to God, to the unity and Oneness of all, to the energy of love, to the light that we are.

Focusing on the world blocks love from our perception.

We must be reminded that we are responsible for creating the world of form that our physical eyes behold. In truth, there cannot be anyone else to blame for there is no world out there.

It is easy to abandon God for the temptations that we find in the world, for that has been our lifelong conditioning.

We are now undoing this lifelong conditioning with forgiveness.

While the purpose of the body is to tempt, the Holy Spirit uses the world and its illusions as a place where we can learn to forgive.

Through forgiveness we can escape from all illusions and temptations.

To extend love is the choice to see past all illusions. Illusions may appear in various forms until we learn that all illusions are the same.

Forgiveness is the choice to overlook whatever our perceptions are telling us is real. Forgiveness is letting illusions go, along with letting go of all meanings that we assigned to these projections.

Remember, on our own, we don’t know what anything means.

God, love is hidden in every form and separation that our body’s physical eyes perceive. As we practice seeing illusions as projections of the false judgmental beliefs that are in our minds, we awaken to the correction from the Holy Spirit.

Remember, Nothing is Real but God’s Love and Light.

This is the forgiveness that will restore us to our natural God-given power. We can never be without our power to call upon the Christ within.

Every choice, no matter how simple or complicated is a choice to be happy with or unhappy with. It is a choice to accept or to judge and reject.

We always have the choice to be happy or to be unhappy. We make this decision in every moment though we may not be conscious of what we are choosing.

Accept the truth that our freedom and happiness is solely up to us.

Making this choice is impossible when we are identified with ego thoughts.

Making this choice is easy when we share our journey with our guide, the Holy Spirit as our Constant Companion.

Here is a three step process to be used in each moment to help us to remember to join with the Holy Spirit, which will allow us to let go of our identification with ego.

STOP insisting that our perceptions of form and separation are real.
Step back. Be still. Quiet the mind.
Join with the Holy Spirit in our minds, asking to look at all situations together.
Ask to see past illusions and to correct false perceptions of loss or lack.

Nothing is Real but God’s Love

YIELD, Surrender to the Holy Spirit within.
Receive the Love God is pouring out to us.
Accept all content that we see as if we are Responsible for it being in our lives.
Accept our oneness with all that our body’s physical eyes are showing us.
Hold an intention to be of service to love throughout this day.

Listen with the heart.
Be willing to be open and receive, accept.
In asking, trust we will receive.

Ask to look together at all of the emotions that are arising.
Ask to recognize all of the thoughts and feelings we have about a person, place, or situation.
It is our thoughts and feelings that cause the problem of blocking love from flowing freely and never the person, place, or situation, which is always neutral.

Trying to affect change in the world is always pointless. Our feelings of anger and unworthiness arise from our judgments or expectations of others and their behaviors. Our judgments and expectations are what we need to forgive. Our brothers did nothing, thus there is really nothing to forgive them for.

GO to GOD GRATEFUL for what is here that is showing us what is in our minds.
Ask for correction where needed.
Ask to know what to do, what to say, who to say it to, and where to go today.
For every situation that we find ourselves in, ask what is the most helpful and loving thing for us to say or do.
Ask to look together at whatever situations and thoughts are blocking us from fully feeling all of our feelings.

Be willing to invite the Holy Spirit to lead us. Be willing to follow what we hear in Step 2.

Let me not forget my function. Let me forgive and be happy.