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Lesson 21, January 21

I am determined to see things differently.

This lesson is asking us to look at the people and situations that arouse anger in us, our grievances.

The purpose of this lesson is to look at our anger differently.

Most of us have become conditioned to hide, bury, or ignore the anger we hold onto about our grievances.

We say we’re fine, when we’re not fine.

We say things are okay, when things are not okay.

We either pretend that our anger doesn’t exist, or we have come to accept the state of anger as a normal, natural condition in our lives.

It isn’t.

When we do experience a moment of anger, usually because we’ve come to the point of boiling over from holding in the enraged feelings for so long, then we are quick to react or to raise our voices, but we are slow to feel the real energy of the true feelings that remain submerged beneath the surface anger.

The lesson tells us that the different shades of our anger makes no difference. Anger may take on the form ranging from irritation to rage, but which particular form it takes doesn’t matter.

There is no attack that is more justifiable than any other attack. No situation is any more or any less deserving of attention for practicing this lesson.

To practice, become aware of your anger without getting angry.

Resist all temptation to allowing your emotions take you on a roller coaster ride.

You want to see your anger differently and get back in the driver’s seat.

Remain calm by keeping your raging, fiery emotions contained within your skin.

Realize that people and situations cannot make you angry, but are only a mirror showing you the repressed thoughts and feelings you already have. You are seeing them in your world only because they are trying to escape from the hidden vault of your subconscious mind.

The people and situations being reflected, or projected, out in your world were never real but were only made up by your split ego mind.

In the space of your calmness, and declare,

I am determined to see this situation / this person differently.

Make this a constant, daily practice of asking the Holy Spirit to help you to see differently any person or situation that arouses strong emotions in you.

Each time you remember to ask the Holy Spirit, you move closer to your inheritance of freedom.

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