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Lesson 162, June 11

I am as God created me.

These words are the answer to all temptation.

These words allow us to pass the world by.

These words alone bring us to Atonement for in speaking these words is Heaven restored to our minds.

The mind sees fragments rather than the whole.

We will only be able to love once our fears and angers have dissolved.

Acknowledge that we are as God created us and we go free to recognize ourselves and all of our brothers as the innocent Son of God that each of us is.

With these words alone we can restore our mind to the Christ vision and once again be able to truly see.

These words absolve us from all mistakes and errors that we think we have ever made or that we think others may have condemned us to.

There are no sins and there is nothing to feel guilty about.

We cannot affect or change what is true.

Thank God we are not what we have created us to be, or to not be.

The truth remains the truth, and nothing that we or others have ever done or not done can ever alter the truth.

We remain as God created us and not as what we have thought that we are.

Allow these words to bring us an uplifting and inspiring experience of our true authentic Self as God created us.

We are finally emerging from the image of our small self being separate and powerless in the world that we have created using our weak human will.

It is time to let go of this untruth that we have unfortunately accepted.

We are one with our Source, as we have always been.

There are no problems.

Nothing can save us.

Nothing can hurt us.

We cannot see the bigger picture of our lives, so we don’t know what anything is for, and we also don’t know what we really need.

Stop wandering around in the distractions and dreamed up stories of the world.

Let go of anything we think we need.

Let go of whatever we think we want.

Speaking the words, “I am as God created me” is the one cure for all of our mistaken thoughts of separation, guilt, and grievances.

Let the words from today’s lesson loosen our identification with all fear and matter and replace that with the one idea and words that are energizing to our soul.

Let us now acknowledge God as our perfect Creator.

Let us release the past.

Let us forgive the world.

Every hour, let the image that we hold of ourselves align with the experience of serenity and beauty that these words demonstrate.

Let us Now Recognize God within us and bring this acceptance of our truth to all of our brothers.

Yes, I am as God created me.

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